Loveys Can Be Game-Changing


Baby Essentials Lovey Snuggler

One of the most important sensory and learning experiences for a baby is cuddling.

They especially love cuddling with a pettable lovey pal! Loveys offer a sense of security and safety, and are just the right size for tiny fingers to wrap around and hold tight.

The best time to introduce a lovey is somewhere around 12 months. At this age, your baby’s startle reflex has diminished, so there’s no longer a need to swaddle. This means babies’ arms are free to sweep the crib, find their lovey, and do what they need to do to settle. Starting early also gives your baby plenty of time to grow attached. After a few months, it will feel like it’s always been there. If your child is  struggling with separation anxiety, a lovey may be a great tool. It may help provide your little one with a comfort item that helps them feel secure, of course once they are of age.

These reversible blanket pals have a bright, fun pattern that’s printed on both sides, and are made of smooth minky material that’s super soft against baby’s delicate skin. Parents and babies are sure to love petting and snoozing with their soft minky snuggler.

With bunches of unique animal friends to choose from, your baby can go ecstatically wild with elephants, be bold and bouncy with bears, or feel as soft as a loving little lamb. If you can, have a spare lovey in case of emergency. We understand accidents happen and laundry days are a must. A perfect gift for baby showers and birthdays, your little one is sure to simply love their lovey.