We've Got You Covered with Stylish Baby Bibs

Bibs have changed so much through the years but we've always got you covered. Or rather, your baby and their cute clothes.  Along with all the other necessities, baby bibs are a must have. From day one for spit up to their feedings and teething moments.

Bandana Drool/Dribbler Bibs—Yes, these are the ones that may look like a hanky, or even a hipster’s fashion accessory. If you don’t like that style, there are also drool and dribbler bibs that look like the regular kind. If you’re not graduated to solid food yet, they’re the perfect size to use while nursing or feeding a bottle. They’re also comfortable enough for baby to wear around the house or while you are out and about. Since infants tend to dribble all over the place, their saliva can quickly make a fresh shirt or bodysuit look like it’s been worn for days. Instead of doing more laundry, you can put a drool bib on them and their clothes will stay cleaner for hours.


Pocket Feeding Bibs—When your little one graduates to baby food, it’s a whole new (messier!) ballgame. Keep little bits of carrots and peas from falling on your clean kitchen floor by using a feeding bib. The top looks like the original bib, but the bottom has a pocket sewed onto it. The pocket catches both liquefied and solid foods, which protect your household efforts, as well as clothing.

Baby Essentials Feeding Bibs








Baby Essentials mess-proof, waterproof drool bibs are here to make feeding your hungry little one (or drooly little one!) easier than ever. Spills and spit ups happen, especially as baby grows and learns to feed him/herself. Why clean up more than you have to? Our specialized “Wet Net” Technology ensures that yucky messes on the front or back of these soft cotton bibs absolutely will not soak through to the other side.

Made of a super soft outer (unlike those silicone bibs that can chafe baby’s sensitive skin and cause a rash) our bibs are moisture wicking, have smooth, finished seams, and adjustable snaps so baby is always comfortable and covered.
Choose from a 6 pack or 9 pack set of bibs for baby boys or baby girls, and which all have bright colors and fun patterns, including some unisex designs that are great for both. These bibs are designed to fit growing boys and girls ages 0-12 months.